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So do you like photography? Are you looking to create better images or just want a photograph?

​I offer sessions based on what you want.  For more info see the info below or send me a email \ Drop me a DM on Instagram.

1 On 1 - £25

These are one on one sessions based on what you want to learn.  Things that can be covered are general cityscape photography, night photography or the golden hour photography the choice is yours.​

This type of session usually lasts a couple of hours depending on what you are after.

Skype Post Processing Session - £25

Are you looking to take your post processing to the next level? Are you interested to see how someone else might process one of your images? Whatever the case may be, a Skype post processing session is a great way to accomplish just that. Before our session, we’ll discuss your goals for our time together and I’ll customize your session to fit your individual needs. We can work on your images together or I can walk you through the edit on one of my images, it’s totally up to you.

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